Bacon Stacher 3

Another entry for #throwbackthursday. I did this guy in 2015 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone using the Sketchbook Pro app. 

Bacon Stacher 2

Continuing my Throwback Thursday series of my old Galaxy Note 4 sketches, here's another early concept for an idea that didn't make it into the first issue of my comic. It may end up in a future issue though. I drew this guy on my Galaxy Note 4 using Sketchbook Pro sometime in mid 2015. Later,... Continue Reading →

Bacon Stacher

I'm staring a Throwback Thursday series of my old Galaxy Note 4 sketches. I really loved that phone and I still miss it sometimes. But now I have my iPad Pro for mobile work, so I'm a happy camper. Either way, here's an early concept for an idea that didn't make it into the first... Continue Reading → is live! is now live. The first issue of my comic, Mustache Mayhem, will be serialized with weekly updates. I'll post a new page every Wednesday in honor of new comic day 🙂 Here's a splash page from the first issue as a little sneak peak of things to come. Later, JMV


I've gone to Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC several times as an attendee but this year I'll get to go as an artist for the first time. I'll be set up in Artist's Alley at table AA-2020. I will have copies of my new comic, Mustache Mayhem for sale along with some sketch cards and... Continue Reading →

Mustache Mayhem

As of  today, I am officially a comic book creator! My first comic, Mustache Mayhem #1 came back from the printer today and it looks amazing. I'm so excited to have this comic finished and physically hold it in my hands. There's nothing quite like that feeling. I will have copies of it for sale... Continue Reading →

Mr. Rickers, Intergalactic Hipster

I've been busy at work on my first comic. It's called Mustache Mayhem and it centers around Mr. Rickers - an intergalactic hipster on the search for the ultimate piece of bacon. I don't want to say much more right now, except that Mr. Rickers can transform his mustache into sword-like blades that he wields... Continue Reading →

Procreate for the win!

This past November I tested Procreate on an iPad Pro I was using temporarily. I fell in love with the app immediately. This week I bought an iPad Pro of my very own I have used Procreate a bit more. Simply put, Procreate is the best drawing app I've ever used. Its simplicity and overall... Continue Reading →

Saitama Revisted

Three months ago I was in a bad place. I was having trouble finishing drawings. I wrote about my feelings in the post "Finished. Not Perfect." In that post about a bad drawing of Saitama from the Manga/Anime One Punch Man, I challenged myself to draw daily for 90 days and then re-draw Saitama. While... Continue Reading →


Street Fighter Series 6 of 44 – Alex. Earlier this year, I really enjoyed the addition of this character to Street Fighter 5. I had never heard of this character before then but I really enjoyed having another wrestler in the game. I love his design as he lends himself to my natural drawing style... Continue Reading →

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