Strong Guy

In 1992 I was obsessed with the Skybox Marvel Masterpieces trading card line, painted by Joe Jusko. My favorite card in the set was Strong Guy. I didn’t know anything about the character since I didn’t really read Marvel comics other than Punisher titles, but I thought her looked awesome. As a twelve year old, that was all I needed for him to be my favorite.

All these years later, I still know nothing about him. I’ve never read a comic featuring Strong Guy. Hell, I’ve never even read a Wikipedia page about him. Truthfully I’m just not interested in anything about him. I still have a twelve year old’s outlook oh him — he looks cool and that’s all I need to know. I kind of prefer it that way. I don’t think I want to know any more. It’s refreshing not knowing, actually. I just enjoy the character in a purely innocent way that fills me with nostalgic joy for all that 1992 had to offer.

So here’s my take on Strong Guy. I hope I was able to make him look cool to twelve year old kids.

-JMVstrong guy.jpg

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