Finished. Not perfect.

I recently watched a youtube video from Jake Parker titled “Finished. Not perfect.” In the video he discusses the positive benefits of finishing art something rather than abandoning it because you think it’s not perfect. I really needed to hear that message for days like today. Last night, I drew some fan art of Saitama – the hero from my favorite Manga, One-Punch Man. Around midnight last night, I was very proud of the sketch and I was even happy with the job I did inking it.

Today, though, for some reason all I could see was the flaws. It wasn’t perfect so I wanted to abandon it. As soon as I thought about tossing it, I thought about Jake Parker’s mantra of “finished. Not perfect.” So instead of getting caught in an endless loop of starting over, I decided to finish it with some color using Sketchbook Pro just so I could get extra practice with digital color. In the end, I finished it. I’m not happy with it. I really hate it, honestly, but I’m glad that I created something. The more things I create the more experience and practice I get.

I’m excited to see where my experience and practice take me. As a little experiment, I’m going to redraw this in three months (Feb 23, 2017) to see how I’ve improved. Hopefully I’ll be better in three month with daily practice. But until then, I hope you enjoy today’s finished but not perfect version.


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