Procreate for the win!

This past November I tested Procreate on an iPad Pro I was using temporarily. I fell in love with the app immediately. This week I bought an iPad Pro of my very own I have used Procreate a bit more. Simply put, Procreate is the best drawing app I’ve ever used. Its simplicity and overall polished user experience outweigh any possible shortcomings on software capabilities. Sure it would be great to have some vector tools for shape building for word balloons and it’d be great to have a text input option, but I can forgive those things because the program is the bomb for drawing. I just love using it. Everyday I’m excited to draw on my iPad Pro which hopefully means I’ll be learning more and getting better a little faster.

Here’s the first piece I’ve done that I spent any real time messing around with. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be posting more Procreate work in the future.



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