About Josh


Hi. I’m Josh. I live in South Carolina, with my amazing wife, Erin, my energetic son, Thomas and my lazy dog, Penny. Way back in 1992, at the age of 12, the founding of Image Comics changed my life forever. After seeing all the eye-popping art in comics like Cyberforce, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Youngblood and WildC.A.T.s I became addicted to comics.

I spent most of my time in middle school drawing in the back of the class. Then, when I got home, I’d spend even more time drawing at mom’s old drafting table. By eighth grade I was making my own comics with my own characters and decided that I’d someday become a comic book artist.

Somehow that dream was put on hold for far too long, but here I am all these years later and I’ve finally published my own comic book – Mustache Mayhem. It’s on sale now, for only $5. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should 🙂



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