Bacon Stacher 3

Another entry for #throwbackthursday. I did this guy in 2015 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone using the Sketchbook Pro app. 


I've really been obsessed with Street Fighter lately so I'm funneling that obsession into a series of drawings. I'm going to challenge myself to drawing a different Street Fighter character each day until I've drawn them all. So today, I went with Ryu. He's probably the character I've played most. I'm not a serious gamer... Continue Reading →

Learning from Sagat

The moment I finished this fan art of Sagat, I thought it was the best thing I'd ever drawn. Five short minutes later, I realized it is a hot mess. The pose is boring. The anatomy is wonky. The color is blotchy. The light source isn't consistent. That hand is... ugh. It is not the... Continue Reading →

When in doubt, draw Zangief.

I mentioned in my previous post "Worst. Artist. Ever." that I've been going through a bit of an artistic dry spell lately. To help break though the slump I was feeling yesterday I decided to draw one of my favorite characters from Street Fighter – Zangief. I also made a little deal with myself: whenever... Continue Reading →

Greetings from the Future!

My wife and I flew to Manhattan recently for a weekend getaway. We had an amazing time seeing the sites and shopping. I got to hit up the iconic Midtown Comics where I scored a few back issues I was missing -- I'm now a few steps closer to completing the Street Fighter Unlimited Ultimate... Continue Reading →

Strong Guy

In 1992 I was obsessed with the Skybox Marvel Masterpieces trading card line, painted by Joe Jusko. My favorite card in the set was Strong Guy. I didn't know anything about the character since I didn't really read Marvel comics other than Punisher titles, but I thought her looked awesome. As a twelve year old,... Continue Reading →


The summer before 6th grade, I met a kid name Steve Geiger. During one of my brother's baseball games, I met Steve on the swing set at the park. We talked about comic books and video games and I left that day wishing I'd get to hang out with him again, but doubting I ever... Continue Reading →


The Punisher War Journal #17 is the first comic book that I can remember buying and reading. I'm pretty sure I read a few comics before it, but The Punisher War Journal #17 was the first comic book that had any kind of impact on me as a kid. I think I was in 4th... Continue Reading →

Getting back to it :)

In December 2015 I started a blog here at WordPress. I posted one post on December 7th and thought I'd do weekly blog posts with art updated. Then on December 12th, 2015 my dad passed away from a sudden heart attack. My life was forever changed and I forgot all about the blog. I gave... Continue Reading →

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