Bacon Stacher 3

Another entry for #throwbackthursday. I did this guy in 2015 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone using the Sketchbook Pro app. 

Bacon Stacher 2

Continuing my Throwback Thursday series of my old Galaxy Note 4 sketches, here's another early concept for an idea that didn't make it into the first issue of my comic. It may end up in a future issue though. I drew this guy on my Galaxy Note 4 using Sketchbook Pro sometime in mid 2015. Later,... Continue Reading → is live! is now live. The first issue of my comic, Mustache Mayhem, will be serialized with weekly updates. I'll post a new page every Wednesday in honor of new comic day 🙂 Here's a splash page from the first issue as a little sneak peak of things to come. Later, JMV

Mustache Mayhem

As of  today, I am officially a comic book creator! My first comic, Mustache Mayhem #1 came back from the printer today and it looks amazing. I'm so excited to have this comic finished and physically hold it in my hands. There's nothing quite like that feeling. I will have copies of it for sale... Continue Reading →

Mr. Rickers, Intergalactic Hipster

I've been busy at work on my first comic. It's called Mustache Mayhem and it centers around Mr. Rickers - an intergalactic hipster on the search for the ultimate piece of bacon. I don't want to say much more right now, except that Mr. Rickers can transform his mustache into sword-like blades that he wields... Continue Reading →

Procreate for the win!

This past November I tested Procreate on an iPad Pro I was using temporarily. I fell in love with the app immediately. This week I bought an iPad Pro of my very own I have used Procreate a bit more. Simply put, Procreate is the best drawing app I've ever used. Its simplicity and overall... Continue Reading →

Worst. Artist. Ever.

Real talk: I'm the worst artist ever. At least, that's how I feel every time I finish a drawing. As soon as I finish a drawing I take a look at it and a little voice in my head tells me I'm no good and that I just wasted my time. That voice is a... Continue Reading →


I picked up an iPad Pro 9.7" last night and finally got a chance to play around with Procreate. The app really is stunning. It takes full advantage of everything the iPad has to offer with the Apple Pencil. The app is simple to use and intuitive. It's robust without complication. It's just a great,... Continue Reading →

Just a quick sketch…

My resolution for 2015 was to become a better artsist. My goal was to post a new drawing on my Instagram account every single day for a year with the hashtag #draw365. *Spoiler alert: I failed miserably.*  For the first few weeks I would post a pic each night with a caption like "quick sketch in my #Moleskine." This of course was a complete lie. Each of those "quick sketches" took several hours to complete (usually two or three.) I'm ashamed to say that my ego is so fragile that I had to lie about the amount of effort I was putting into my work to impress strangers on the internet. But at the time, I figured if someone liked what they saw, they'd think "wow, that's a quick sketch? This guy is great!" On the other hand, if they didn't like what they saw, maybe they'd think "oh well, it was just a quick sketch anyhow." Either way it was win-win for me. EXCEPT. IT. WASN'T.

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