Bacon Stacher

I'm staring a Throwback Thursday series of my old Galaxy Note 4 sketches. I really loved that phone and I still miss it sometimes. But now I have my iPad Pro for mobile work, so I'm a happy camper. Either way, here's an early concept for an idea that didn't make it into the first... Continue Reading →

Saitama Revisted

Three months ago I was in a bad place. I was having trouble finishing drawings. I wrote about my feelings in the post "Finished. Not Perfect." In that post about a bad drawing of Saitama from the Manga/Anime One Punch Man, I challenged myself to draw daily for 90 days and then re-draw Saitama. While... Continue Reading →


I've really been obsessed with Street Fighter lately so I'm funneling that obsession into a series of drawings. I'm going to challenge myself to drawing a different Street Fighter character each day until I've drawn them all. So today, I went with Ryu. He's probably the character I've played most. I'm not a serious gamer... Continue Reading →

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