Street Fighter Series 6 of 44 – Alex. Earlier this year, I really enjoyed the addition of this character to Street Fighter 5. I had never heard of this character before then but I really enjoyed having another wrestler in the game. I love his design as he lends himself to my natural drawing style... Continue Reading →

E Honda

I'm continuing my Street Fighter Series today with E Honda. I always loved his hyper fast slap move because it was the easiest move in the world to do – just rapidly mash punch. Couldn't be simpler. However, the move was a little more difficult at home with the Super Nintendo controller, so I can... Continue Reading →

Fei Long

Continuing my Street Fighter Series with another long time favorite character of mine, Fei Long. I remember this character's debut in Super Street Fighter 2 like it was yesterday. He was definitely my favorite addition - apologies to Cammy, DeeJay and T Hawk 🙂 I drew this traditionally and even did some gray scale copic marker coloring,... Continue Reading →


I've really been obsessed with Street Fighter lately so I'm funneling that obsession into a series of drawings. I'm going to challenge myself to drawing a different Street Fighter character each day until I've drawn them all. So today, I went with Ryu. He's probably the character I've played most. I'm not a serious gamer... Continue Reading →

Learning from Sagat

The moment I finished this fan art of Sagat, I thought it was the best thing I'd ever drawn. Five short minutes later, I realized it is a hot mess. The pose is boring. The anatomy is wonky. The color is blotchy. The light source isn't consistent. That hand is... ugh. It is not the... Continue Reading →

When in doubt, draw Zangief.

I mentioned in my previous post "Worst. Artist. Ever." that I've been going through a bit of an artistic dry spell lately. To help break though the slump I was feeling yesterday I decided to draw one of my favorite characters from Street Fighter – Zangief. I also made a little deal with myself: whenever... Continue Reading →

Greetings from the Future!

My wife and I flew to Manhattan recently for a weekend getaway. We had an amazing time seeing the sites and shopping. I got to hit up the iconic Midtown Comics where I scored a few back issues I was missing -- I'm now a few steps closer to completing the Street Fighter Unlimited Ultimate... Continue Reading →

Worst. Artist. Ever.

Real talk: I'm the worst artist ever. At least, that's how I feel every time I finish a drawing. As soon as I finish a drawing I take a look at it and a little voice in my head tells me I'm no good and that I just wasted my time. That voice is a... Continue Reading →


I picked up an iPad Pro 9.7" last night and finally got a chance to play around with Procreate. The app really is stunning. It takes full advantage of everything the iPad has to offer with the Apple Pencil. The app is simple to use and intuitive. It's robust without complication. It's just a great,... Continue Reading →

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